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Rifluxyss, over a period of last fifteen years, with the experience of working on hundreds of projects for our clients, was able to establish our own self-sustaining and independent center of excellences across number of verticals.

A faster ROI conversion of our client's investments is the core focus with these dedicated service centers; a one-stop center for all their application development needs.

Mobility Center of Excellence

An independent center, with core focus on mobility and a strong charter in place, leads our clients to benefit with the aggregated mobility expertise and practices under one single cohesive unit

Core Web Team

A team with expertise of working in myriads of technologies for developing and connecting the numerous structure parts of the entire web application model bandwagon

Desktop App Development Center

A dedicated center for creating full-blown enterprise applications that run on wide variety of business platforms, delivering real time, mission critical business data.

Some benefits that come as a package.

All servers will come with a FREE six month Server Monitoring Protection.
Automatic on Failure Emergency Messaging Service for six months.
Free Chat1800 implementation for your app.
One Operator Chat1800 account for your app FREE for three months.
Three months FREE support.